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Aug 8, 2019
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Odd question for y'all.

What do you think is causing this development?
Fact #1: updated all apps a couple days back for my android motorola phone.
Fact #2: I use Mozilla 98+% of the time.
Fact #3: this is now the standard way a "new tab" for BYC *Only* opens on my phone.

Any other details I can share? Thoughts? I find it kinda funny that this is happening for Only the new tab route.
If I close all BYC tabs and pause/minimize or close outright, the browser..... and then I open the 1st page and it's still opening "normal". However *only* this first main page opens this way.
If I try to go into the history & open any other BYC thread page it will re-open identical to the picture shared above.

I have cleared all cache several times. I have hibernated apps a few times. I have power cycled the phone (cold reboot) and (warm reboot) as well this week to no changes.
I do not have the BYC app & have only recently heard of it's existence.
Follow up, status update.....
This pattern is still happening for BYC only web pages on this phone. It's stabilized about 66-75% of the tabs I open.

Case in point: last night ~1:30AM I shutdown all BYC tabs.
Closed browser.
Closed all other apps.
Opened sweeper to hibernate all apps.
Then opened the sweeper to empty all cache and hidden cache as well as virtual cache/ram.
Then put phone in standby ....
Turned on Twitter and WX app for update on this morning's rain and thunder.
Now having opened browser...
Opened BYC main page (it opened correctly)
Clicked on the alerts, from the list I opened 5 tabs.
4 tabs were to se specific "replies" to specific threads. These opened in the odd fashion as the picture shared above.
The lone tab that opened "normally" was to see this batch of "summarized alerts" from a single user ID.

Now that they have all loaded and I have returned to finish this posting, I have also noticed a unmistakable increase of having to reload a page to continue writting in this box before posting....

When I hoped to each tab to watch it load and then return to this page.... All the text in this box had disappeared. Some times in a couple threads this will happen 2-5 refreshings before the "draft" will reappear for me to finish...... Thankfully this time, the refreshing needed only occur once.
As an update. Everything is still happening as listed above. With the exception of very rarely now will a tab from either private messages or threads open correctly... So it's now >90% for tabs to open to the bottom.corner like picture posted above. And it's kinda funny. As the page loads and during the last 2-3 seconds of the download it will ultra-fast scroll to the bottom corner like the picture above. I have found that on an occasion, if I swipe from left to right (right at the beginning of the download time span) that it will cause the page to flash/refresh at the end of the download correctly at the posting the alert was supposed to show.

It does not happen often enough to be able to test if there is a specific time spot in download that is the keystone.

I may have to take a short video with the kiddos cell to save and possible share or email y'all to see this which I just text described....

Thanks all for now.
/end of line.
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