Apparently I've got a dove, now what do I do with it?


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Nov 14, 2009
Kingman Arizona
While I was outside taking care of my livestock earlier, I found a baby ringneck dove sitting on the ground in one of my pens. I couldn't find the nest it came from anywhere nearby, so I brought it in, and it seems very happy to hang out with me, so I'd like to keep it. I'm not sure how old it is, it looks to have all its feathers but is not full sized yet and doesn't seem to know how to fly. It seems to be very healthy and alert, and having a good time riding around on my arm like a parrot.

I put some bedding in an empty aquarium and a bowl of water and a bowl of chicken feed for it to eat for now. I'm going to look for a cage tomorrow. I have never had a dove before, but I have kept a lot of small parrots. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of information on keeping doves online. Can anyone help me out with some basics on dove care? Would it be better to keep it a single dove or find a companion for it? What's the best thing to feed it? Any way to tell how old it is, or what gender?
It's definitely a ringneck. We've got an abundance of them out here.

Thanks for the link.

Is it normal for baby doves to make a whistle sound? I haven't heard it coo yet, but it whistles at me. It's unusual how friendly it is towards people for being a wild bird; it has taken right to being a house bird.
Ok, that's good to know.

At what age do they stop needing to be fed by the parents and start eating for themselves? When I found him (her?), the crop was full of oats apparently stolen from one of my feed bins. I could feel them through the skin. I haven't seen the bird eat or drink anything today though, and I am wondering if I should be handfeeding? The best estimate I can get on age is that it's somewhere between 3-4 weeks old.

Apparently it likes music. It's hanging out on top of my husband's computer monitor whistling along to his music.
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Our ringneck likes mirrors. Some will play with balls, but some will just try to hatch them or mate with them XD Pigeon enrichment tends to go more along the lines of gentle misting, food additions (insects...not wild caught due to the parasites and other problems they can have, fruit, pigeon appropriate veggies and greens, etc), millet...oh gosh....millet, noise recordings, real or fake branches, nesting material, sticks, dust or water baths, etc.
I wish I had Collared doves where I live! They are so pretty
But I've got some Ringnecks that look almost exactly like them so I'm happy. Good luck with him! If it's a girl and you want a little friend for her, then I have an extra white male for sale

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