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Apr 12, 2009
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I know that people add this to their water sometimes, but I am not sure why. Or how much.

Why would you put it into their water?


If you use a totally natural product like Braggs, it has anti-bacterial, anti-coccidial, anti-parasitic properties which has beneficial effects for all livestock and poultry. Improves egg supply, improves feathering and improves flavoring and tenderness of meat birds. Helps the birds maintain the proper pH for their bodies. Just flat out helps keep them healthy. Most use about 1 tablespoon of organic ACV to each gallon of water. Don't use with a metal waterer, just the plastic types.
I use it in my waterer. It's a 3 gallon, so I just eyeball it and pour in a couple of glug-glugs
It also helps with calcium absorbtion, which obviously should help with laying hens and eggshells.

Our dogs get it in their water, too. I tried it in my rabbit's waterer, but he quit drinking for over a day when I added it, so I stopped that asap.
I use Bragg's in cooking, but its sort of pricey and I can get homemade ACV from friends. I think DH paid them $5 for a quart jar of it last time. So I thought if I offered them $12 for a gallon, they wouldn't be too offended
. My ? is: does the homemade have the same benefits of the Bragg's? We didn't get much "mother" in what the friends have, but he couldn't shake the vat very good, and I am hoping next time it will be low enough to us to get that, because I know that is where the good stuff is. Just wondering. I have plans on making my own, have the directions from on here and everything, but need to get a supply built up first.
I'm using it mostly to keep the algae from building up in the 5 gallon plastic bucket waterer I use. I didn't buy the organic kind with the 'mother' so I'm not claiming I'm doing anything great, extra nutritionally that is, for the chickens by adding it to their water.
If you are wanting to keep algae at bay then Bleach works much better. Bleach also does what vinegar is not going to do: it helps with the control of the spread of disease in the water fount. Use 1 oz. per 1 gallon of water. saladin

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