apple cider vinegar wormer for chickens


5 Years
May 8, 2014
anybody heard of this organic apple cider vinegar for a chicken wormer? My aunt told me to use this a cup full in a 5 gal of water,its call bragg organic raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar wtih the mother,i guess i will try this
Apple cider vinegar is a not a dewormer. It does have some other health benefits, but won't deworm a bird.

You're better off getting a dewormer like Valbazen or Safeguard for goats. These two dewormers can usually be found at a local feed store, or can be purchased online.
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i guess its a old fashion med.that the old people believe in,thanks but i have some flubenvet order on standby
Do chickens need to be given a dewormer on a regular basis?
Do chickens need to be given a dewormer on a regular basis?
If your soil is warm and moist most of the year (I suppose it is where you ours,) it would be best to worm several times a year. I worm my birds every 3 months, sometimes sooner depending how much rain we get, and it's been alot this year and I have wormed about every 2 months.
Some people worm on a strict schedule. Personally try to worm every 6-8 months. But, my chickens can't free range (neighbor dogs freerange) so I don't have to worry about whether it rains a lot.

People that free range in normally humid, wet areas tend to worm a little more regularly.

I use Valbazen or Safeguard.
Can you get Flubenvet in the US? Just had to worm my girls and couldn't locate a US source. We used Zimecterin Gold - needed to treat tapeworm and gapeworm. Hope it does the trick.

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