Apple cider vinegar?

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  1. katssmilin

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    Jul 5, 2011
    I've read several posts here that say people put ACV in their chickens water. I read somewhere else that it shouldn't be the store bought apple cider. I've been to several feed shops in my area and no one has ever heard of this. If it shouldn't be store bought then where would I go to get this? I have read that this is good for chickens even if they are not sick. Can some one point me in the right direction? Thanks for your time

  2. This_chicks_place

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    Apr 18, 2011
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    I use the Bragg's brand. You can buy it at the grocery store in the organic food section if it is not with the regular vinegars.
  3. crystal195655

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Glenoma, WA
    I read several threads about ACV last night and saw that several people say they have had a hard time finding it? I went to our local market (in a very small town) and just for kicks I looked in the vinegar section of the store and ther it was....BRAGGS Raw, organic unstrained only came in a quart sized bottle, but at least they had it!! So I guess you never know until you look! You might just get lucky like I did
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    ACV is an acidifier that lowers gut PH. It helps in calcium absorption. Supposedly it helps with crop issues, but that is debatable.
    I've been using regular ACV for years without any problems, including crop issues.

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    They just mean for you to get the one with "mother" in it. It is unfiltered and has stuff in it that settles to the bottom so you have to shake it up when using it.....important tip.....make sure the cap is on VERY well before shaking...that stuff is potent smelling....
  6. Bernard P. Fife

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    Jan 8, 2012
    I put 1-2 tablespoons in their waterer. As others have stated, there are benefits to their system. I even use it myself! I got mine at a GNC store but I think the best deal will be online. I will probably order from Amazon next go around.

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