Apps: Angry Birds vs Tiny Wings

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9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Forest Grove, OR
I know there are some Angry Bird players on here...I play myself...Regular, Seasons and Rio. Good stuff to pass the time on a commuter train. But recently I succumbed to the app, Tiny Wings. For me it is soooooo much more addictive than Angry Birds (Danger!
). Plus it kind of reminds of of a fat chicken trying to get somewhere...anyone else?
Okay... not funny... now I have to go look for the app.
I am not addicted to Angry Birds, but I do play it while waiting at the doctors office, orthodontist office (for my kids), parking lot (waiting for kids)... sometimes out of pure boredom after dark as we don't watch TV.

Shame on you for trying to tempt us with more.

ETA: I see Fluffy Birds, but not Tiny Wings... is it for Android or iPhone?
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I think the music for Tiny Wings is what got me into it. Angry Birds was also addicting but I beat it really fast and got bored. With Tiny Wings, you keep striving for perfection against your personal best. It gives me a greater sense of accomplishment. And, yeah, the birdie is more like a fatty chicken yearning for some air time.
Do they make either of these games for PC yet? I don't have a cell phone
and am tired of hearing about Angry Birds and would like to experience it myself!

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