aprox. 8 month old Barred Rock with injured leg.. seeking help please


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Mar 18, 2013
I am going on my second year of raising chickens, and this is a first for me. I have read other threads and none seem to help me out, so I am trying a new one, I have a barred rock who is about 8 months old, she just started laying around march.. She is still laying as of today.. I went to let out my small flock this morning and she was limping (fine when they went in last night). her left foot she kind of drags, and she does not put alot of pressure on, she kind of hops on her good right foot. she got herself in and out of the coop a few times today to get some fresh air and grass/bugs. Otherwise she has just either laid around in the coop or out in the yard. She does not lay her eggs in the nesting boxes, she prefers on the floor of the coop, so I know she did not get hurt getting up and down from the roost/boxes. Right now I have her in what I call my "chicken totes" on my kitchen table to keep her from moving around alot. I do have a rooster who tries to get her all the time, and they are like two peas in a pod, usualy inseperable. Would anyone have any info, Im not sure if it is actualy broken or sprained. Nothing is swollen, her leg is not hot, and there are no bumps or anything on her foot. She is eating and drinking fine. Any information would be greatly appreciated, and if you going to say something mean and nasty please dont bother to help me, I'd rather get help from someone who is genuinely kind and helpful, Thank you!
Sprains are pretty common, and may heal up with some rest in a cage inside the coop for a week or so, so that she doesn't lose her place in the pecking order. I would put some poultry vitamins with minerals in her feed. B Complex instead would be fine. The only concern is with her age, and the described dragging of the leg, is Mareks disease. Do you know if she was vaccinated for it? Here is some info to read about it (and I hope it's not that, but just wanted to describe what it is:)
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