Aquarium Plants, no bidding! lots of Amazon Swords!!


13 Years
May 29, 2010
Please do not bid. PM or email me what you want along with your zip code for the total. Continental USA only, sorry.

I've got some extra plants I need to sell off. Shipping is $7 for any # of plants. Buy several plants and you'll get surprise extras!

I have a lot of Swords I need to get out of my tanks. Buy more and save. 5in to 10in tall.
Amazon Swords__$3 each, 5 for $10.

Mix of Floaters, Frogbit, Water Lettuce, Duckweed & Salvinia M.__ $1

Pennywort, small amount left, float or plant it!__$1

Wisteria, 5in to 12in__$1

Hygrophila Balsamica__$2

2 available. Anubias Nana, 6in long__$4, both for 6.

Subwassertang, small handful__$3

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Yea, I do. But I really don't understand why people hate them so much. They don't bother the fish or plants, fish snack on them, the snails eat dead/dieing plant matter and I've never had one of those freak 'snail explosions', even with no fish to eat them...
I've got MTS and Pond/Bladder snails. No Briggs or Apple snails.
How long will you have them? I have a tank but it's basically a snail tank in there. They ended up killing off all my plants but some type of sword I believe.

And do you take a MO?
The plants? Well they are planted in my tanks, so as long as it takes to sell them. Never done MO before, mostly use Paypal.
I have the absolute worst luck with shipped eggs...sorry, but no.
What plants did you want? If I lower the price would you still want any?

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