Aquired Roo?

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  1. I have 8 hens, varied varieties, and up until a few days ago, they were all the hens I had {have 13 roos that are 3 wks old, but they're still in the brooder} I went outside to feed everyone a few days ago, and there was this little bantam roo in my yard. I shrugged it off, figured he would go home that eve when my girls went inside. Little did I know, he was home. He made my hen house his home! He is a healthy lookin little guy, cute as can be- and he keeps my girls in line, my question is-- can a bantam breed with a regular size hen?? It makes me laugh hysterically to think about it, and watching the little guy boss around my girls is equally amusing, I was just wondering if he is crowing up the wrong tree??[​IMG] Any one know?
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    Oh yeah they can! I have a little blue red bantam rooster that tops my heavy's any chance he gets! It is funny, cause he has to catch them laying down, they he gets them by the back of the head, and sometimes they get up and he is still on top trying to get his business done, it is a riot!
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    Ours do, too. It is hilarious watching them trying to balance, riding on the hens backs when they decide to run...and we have a few bald hens running around can tell who the favs are. I doubt if there'll be too many eggs fertilized with that combination, though!
  4. LMAO!! This little guy just thinks he is the king!! I can only imagine how much I am going to be laughing this spring!! My girls are about 19 weeks old...none have laid any eggs yet. I was just really curious to know if a bantam and full size could successfully breed...I guess they would make a 3/4 size chicken [​IMG]
  5. **UPDATE**
    I am pleased to announce that my girls laid their first eggs!!! My son just called me and he found 8 eggs in the hen house!! I guess the little roo was a good luck charm for me! I shall name him McLovin!!!!![​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  6. here are the eggs, and a pic of McLovin with one of my girls, Morrigan


    Does anyone know what type of bantam he is?
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    He looks like an Old English Game Bantam to me...

    Just get him a set of doggie steps and he'll be fine. [​IMG]

    Congrats on the first eggs.
  8. [​IMG] I believe he would use them! [​IMG] you should have seen him keeping the girls in line today! we have a hill in our back yard, he stood up there watching them all like a warden, if one went where he didn't want her to, he chased her back, then went to the hill again and puffed up his feathers!! Too funny!!
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    I have an OEG cockerel that mates with my JGiant girl, now that's a purdy sight. [​IMG]

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