Araucana Cockerels - Tufted


13 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Buffalo, Missouri
Looking at what I plan to use in the spring, I have some cockerels that need to go, They are not up to standard but they do have some good traits.

This boy has very nice yellow legs. Double tufted and rumpless. If I still had white hens, I think that would be the way I would breed him. Recessive whites will cover the colored areas and his yellow legs will be an asset. I found it somewhat difficult to find whites with good yellow legs. $25 plus shipping. Hatched early summer, he has a ways to go to maturity and he's developing nice.

This cockerel is also double tufted and rumpless. Also very young and just now getting his mature feathers so he looks scraggly but he's nice sized and will be really nice by spring. Black with a lot of leakage so he could be used with black hens to work on improving the black (I've started with worse) or a patterned hen. He has patterning like a birchen so he may be brown red. I don't know. He has a nice small, tight good pea comb, tiny wattles, black legs with yellow soles. $25 plus shipping

Last is a project cockerel. This boy is BIG. Big bodied and large boned. Silver, no gold leakage. Birchen like, mottled like and has "SPANGLES" on his chest. He is clean faced/tailed with yellow legs. $45 VERY Cool He is Araucana, I generally don't keep any cockerels with tails that are rumpless but when he started developing the spangles, I thought it would be so cool to work on. I have too many irons in the fire so he is available but I won't take less on this boy. I'll keep him till spring and try him with a couple hens to see if I can get some more spangled.

Ever just want tufts? I have a freebie with nice tufts and a tail. He's silver birchen. Just pay for shipping. If I have a used box, I'll throw it in for free.

PM me if you're interested in any of these guys. I will be posting this same ad in other areas, I take paypal only. Shipping is based on cost to buyers location. Make me an offer if you see one you like.
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