Araucana fertility?


Sep 18, 2014
Not sure if posting this in the right thread, but I'm interested in knowing if anyone know the average fertility rate of rumpless breeds like the araucana. I'm trying to breed a rumpless araucana rooster to a tailed red star hen but I'm not really sure if he's mating with her or not
I'm sure this will not answer your question, but I have noticed that my rumpless Araucana Roo has no problem mating with Araucana Hens (Tailed or Rumpless), but he does seem to have a problem getting the job done with my RIR's and other larger sized hens that he tries to mate with. I am anxious to hear more feedback on this thread!
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That's good to hear, since I have a 3 month old clean faced araucana pullet that I plan to breed with him! The Red Star hen seems to be smaller then him actually, which may or may not cause a problem. I dunno, will rooster try to mount the hens right infront of you or will they do it when you're not around (if you know)? My rooster is a little skittish around people and doesn't really crow around me and he keeps his distance so maybe that's why I haven't seen anything?
Yes, all of my Roosters will do it right in front of anyone. I have several chickens around (38) and they don't pay me much attention most of the time. Mine are very anxious first thing in the mornings when they all come out of the coops. One Roo will mate with several hens throughout the course of the day. The Roosters are funny to see when the do their little dance just before mounting. Especially the Araucanas.

Smaller should be no problem. Mine only has problems with the larger Hens.
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