Are automatic doors preditor proof?

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  1. Buckhowdy

    Buckhowdy Chirping

    Sep 14, 2014
    I'm building a coop and wondering if one of the automatic doors would stand up to a raccoon?
  2. tcstoehr

    tcstoehr Chirping

    Mar 25, 2014
    Canby, Oregon
    Of course it depends on the door. I have an Ador1 which covers the bottom and side edges of the door preventing raccoons from grabbing them and lifting. The metal door also provides little friction or traction for them to be able to press against it and push up. However, it does have a row of small holes to engage the gear sprocket. If I stick a nail into one of these holes and lift up with significant force, the door will open. I imagine a raccoon could do this with his claws if it knew exactly how.
    Another popular door is the Pullet Shut. This one can be pushed open by a determined raccoon from one side of it, but not the other. So you need to mount it with the correct side out. Whether or not it can then be pulled open, I'm not sure but I suspect their evil little fingers could manage the task.
    There are various drawstring models on the market and those provide very little if any protection. The door just hangs on a string and can be lifted almost effortlessly. I would avoid any of those.
    There are many DIY hand-crafted models, popular among those is the one using a car antenna lifting/retracting motor. You can search through these forums for that one and you'll have to decide for yourself if they are raccoon-proof.
    I have seen some DIY models that engage a simple locking mechanism when they lower down. These seem to me pretty darn resistant to raccoon attack.

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