Are Brown Leghorns A Good Chicken?

I just have one girl. She's a great layer, but I can't get anywhere near her. She's pretty too.
I like mine. They are really pretty and lay very well. If you have cold winters you need to watch for frostbite. They do take a winter break if you don't have lights. They are not freindly. They do not make pets. They free range awesome though.
My brown leghorn girl is THE SWEETEST and MOST AFFECTIONATE chicken I've ever met in my life - she's insane!

I've only had her for 3 weeks, she wasn't raised with much human interaction at all so no doubt she's a complete oddity. She thinks I'm her perch, she screams to be picked up and if I don't, she will fly up to sit on my head, or my shoulders, or my back and press her face against mine... she looooves being petted on the cheeks or chin or chest.

I've never loved a chicken this much, she's beyond special

Can't wait to hatch babies from her, hope they have the same temperament!

Her name is Sweetie:


ETA: she lays pretty much every day, one beautiful white pointy egg - not really big but she's only 10 months old
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Oh yes, she's not going anywhere, ever!

I've wanted a brown leghorn for a while, my friend got her from a good breeder he knows and I really hit the jackpot with this sweet lady!
I have one. She is constantly trying to find a way out of the run.

A couple of times she did. I found her nest. She lays almost every day.
I have brown leghorn hens and I have to say they are not my favorite. They lay a white egg every other day. They are flighty and skiddish! I've thought about getting rid of them actually....I don't ever recommend then for first time chickens. I won't get any more leghorns of any kind. Your very lucky if you got a nice one.

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