Are Call Duck hens quieter with a drake???


8 Years
Mar 20, 2011
Northern Colorado
I have 7 Call Duck hens and no drake. Last year they were in with a Lavender Runner drake and his hens and they were fairly quiet. I ended up with 7 Call/Runner babies though so I moved the Runners out to another yard. I'm glad it worked out, the babies are great but it's too dangerous to have a Runner drake mating with a tiny Call hen, he could harm or drown her in the process.

This year these hens are SO loud, especially Holly the alpha hen. If I get a drake will they be quieter like they were before?
They could but my ducks were always louder when I had a Drake around
Nope! Sorry. : ) I have 4 call ducks, three females and a male. Every female is still as loud as every. I can hear the call ducks inside the house. I wouldn't trade them for anything though. : )

~ Aspen
Thanks you guys! that helps, maybe mine were quieter last year because there were Runners in the yard with them (it's a 200'x250' yard) and they didn't want to get their attention. My girls are happy and I don't want babies and since it's easy for them to hide nests here I will remain drake-less. I love my little girls, they are a hoot.

Hey, what are the brown ones that are colored alot like finches called? I have one and I can't find a name for her type anywhere.

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