Are chickens colorblind?


Green Eggs and Hamlet
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Jul 7, 2007
Middle TN
It came up yesterday and I didn't know. Can they see color?

Yes, they can see color. Many chicken experiments involve the chicken choosing a target of a certain color over targets of different colors in the same shade (so one can't argue that they see it in shades of gray).
I have a red hoodie I wear sometimes in the morning and my Roo loves it. He dances and a bit more wildly. So I would say yes and he he likes me to wear red.
I read somewhere that birds have 4 rods (or is it cones, whichever it is that preceives color). Humans only have 3. Maybe can see more different colors than we do?
Well isn't all this interesting! Chickens potentially see color BETTER than we do. If they can see unltraviolet I wonder if they can see infrared as well?

The cones in our eyes respond to the three lighting primary colors- Red Green Blue. I wonder what the fourth cone in chicken eyes responds to. That'd be interesting to know.

Sterling Acres- Have you tried switching the bucket to one of a different color? I wonder if it's the bucket they associate with treats or the color?

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