Are Comb Injuries Common in Roos?

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    We've had our five girls for almost a year now, and in that time one of them got a teeny tiny scratch on her comb that produced about a single drop of blood, ONCE.

    About a month ago, we added a roo to the flock and it seems like every other day (when handling him) I end up with blood on my hands. Then I end up inspecting him with a fine tooth comb and it always ends up being his comb. This happens while he's in the run as often as it does while free ranging. It has never been anything serious, often no more than what appears to be a small brush burn; occasionally a very small cut, but it's a several-times/week thing. It never seems to bother him a bit and with his epic red color, you can't really distinguish the blood on the comb unless you really look for it (so no one goes peck-happy on him).

    When he mounts the hens, he often holds on to their combs (rarely a wattle) and they never show any sign of injury from it...never seen a single drop of blood. He takes two steps and he's suddenly bleeding. Is he that clumsy or are they just that prone to injury?

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