Are Grass Fertilizers harmful to poultry?

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May 22, 2009
I use the "certified organic" lawn fertilizer and still keep my kids off it till its watered in.

Just paranoid I guess

I use Round Up for poison ivy and wasn't aware of the 1 year thing either


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Feb 24, 2009
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I haven't heard of Round Up staying in the soil that long either. According to the MSDS sheets Round Up has a 2-174 Day half-life in the soil. So Round Up *could* be latent in the soil for anywhere from 2 days to half a year.

Additionally Round Up is toxic to Avian specie for 5 days after spraying being "No more than slightly toxic", whatever that means.

This is on page 7 of the MSDS.


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May 4, 2009
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Thanks briznian, that's pretty much the information I was able to find. I can't imagine Monsanto would admit to anything worse than what is on their MSDS sheet. Perhaps there was a miscommunication.


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May 26, 2009
First, have you had your soil test done? its really cheap, if not free. Go to your county extension agent. You submit your test through them, and they give you a report that says how much nutrients you might need of which type, for your use. You may not even need to fertilize. But if you bag your grass, thats the same as mining the nutrients, so you will likely need to fertilize.

Second, check the label. Typically a seven day removal is recommended after fertilizing, but see what it says. You should either water it in or time your application with a nice rain. With appropriate care you shouldn't have any adverse effects.

I'm about to 2-4d (herbicide) our lawn, and I plan to keep the chickies of it for a while. But mine are in tractors, so its easier for me.

Good luck!


Nov 15, 2016
I have spent most of my time on ranches or farms. Corn gluten and vinegar etc is just not practical for an herbicide.
I also have been seeing what about free range chickens and granular fertilizer (never had chickens before). We had 340 ac. now 20. not lawns. All suggestions manure tea etc are just not practical. We have horses so need to use the fertilizer to keep the grass up to par. I'd love to use a manure spreader but they are very expensive.and need a tractor too....guess I will keep checking as that seems the best option for steering towards green.
I have sprayed tons of Round Up but only on the offending plant. Spot spraying. Works very well and as another said you can actually spread seed at the very same time you spray Round up. The life time is short..until it dries. I have used this in dog yards too. With no ill effects. Even in the horse pasture. Keeping them off until it dries. About 1/2 hr!
It is one thing to manage a couple of acres but anything over 10 is a different kettle of fish. There are many very offensive & very invasive weeds that most definitely need controlling.
I guess my chickens will be test guinea pigs(or hens! haha)

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