Are Hens to loud?


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Sep 26, 2008
My wife and I are looking to raise 2 hens in our urban track-home neighborhood. The laws permit it.

Are hens loud night and day?

We live in the center of a good size cul-de-sac. No homes behind us. Neighbors to each size >60 away.
1 neighbor loves the idea. The other neighbor is never home.
We doubt they will care but it would be nice to know how much noice we would be sending them their way.

As for the HOA the CCR's leave it open for interpretation. When asking them directly they basically said that they would not specifically deny it but if they received a complaint they would have to investigate it.

Risk we can take. So do you think 2 hens would make to much noice?
We have had my 2 RIR hens for 3 months now. Even though we live in the country, I can safely say that our girls hardly utter anything more than light cooings and little cackles. Because there are only 2 of them, they don't bicker at eachother hardly at all, so no reason to be loud. They are in calm quiet harmony. I think the key is only 2, you should be safe. That's my opinion, and good luck, I love my 2 girls and you'll find them :Dfascinating.
From what my neighbor told me, who has raised chickens for 50 years said that it's the roosters that crow and can cause the daily noise. Again good luck.
Mine have their boisterous moments, but for the most part, they're quiet. They are at their loudest when I first let them out of the coop, they scream their way across the yard to the asparagus patch, they've decided that's a safe zone out there
Other than that they're quietly clucking amongst themselves.
I feel that hens can be loud. What I refer to as a happy song they let out on a sunny day, ready for a dust bath.
When they lay an egg, they cackle and cluck. If you have a crow, dog, cat, anything that may be new, they will have to announce it.
BUT, they don't make noise all the time, often times they go about their business and graze, bugs, scratching about.

Good luck - they are worth it!
Well, when my hens are announcing that they just laid us an egg... we can hear them from inside the coop to our house; that's about 200 ft. They sometimes go on for literally five full minutes sharing with the world the wonderful gift they just gave. It's loud!

The rest of the time they just make clucking noises that you have to be pretty close to them to hear.

It sounds to me like you have a great situation and need to get those girls quickly.

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Mine are loudest when they are doing their "egg song", either right before or after they lay their egg. Also, if they go off on their own and can't see any of the other chickens, they will "call" to try and find the others.

But none of that compares to a rooster. I live right in the middle of a residential neighborhood in the middle of a city. I have close neighbors all around. I even have guineas. No one complains about the guineas or the hens, but when I had roosters, we got complaints.
I agree. Hens can be loud at times. I have brahmas, considered to be a quieter breed and for the most part they are. However, when something is not right in their world - they get scared or lose sight of the flock they can cackle loudly. And the egg laying song goes on for a full five minutes at least.
My hens give me a pre-egg cackle and a post-egg cackle. But they don't compare to the blaring of my rooster! He crows all day long and even at night if I go outside and he hears me. UGH. I could see keeping hens pretty easy in a neighborhood situation. I know many who do.

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