Are my chickens broken?

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11 Years
Sep 22, 2008
27 weeks old. Two of the three arent laying STILL! The barred rocks comb is getting slightly bigger and redder. ... the easter egger still looks the same. Do I give up and make soup?
Because the days are getting shorter, it may take a while. Hens need the light to stimulate their egg-laying gears :eek:) If you have an automatic timer on for 14 hours you'd get eggs.
I have little solar powered lights that come on at dusk and then fade off.... still nada. They arent super bright, but I was under the impression they dont have to be. Been using them for about 4 weeks.
EEs have a reputation for being slow to start laying and BRs have a reputation for starting early. However, every chicken is different and some take a long time to get going and some start very young, regardless of breed. Be patient. One of mine didn't start laying until 36 weeks.
Okay, new brighter incandesent (not LED) light put in. Better timing system. Any guesses on how long til I get eggs?
I have a chicken,....we will call "it" Pat. I will wait for her to lay eggs as long as it takes. Until He crows. Then the waiting is over. I have two younger chickens that are not really laying yet. I got them from Craigslist, and they are lovely birds, but I don't know their exact age. It will happen..... :) Very exciting when you start getting the eggs!

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