Are my eggs any good?


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Jun 11, 2012
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
So collecting my eggs after work today I noticed some of my chickens got out of the run. So of corse I started looking around the yard for eggs. I happen to find 3 hidden in the corner by the house. the only problem is they were brown and none of the chickens that were loose lay brown eggs. I have no idea how long they might have been there. Any idea if they would be any good? Can I still use them? I did the water test and they only float at one end a little. But I'm worried they just might have been out for too long. Thanks for the help.
With that float test, I'd eat them. Crack them into a separate bowl first. Eggs will be pretty obvious if they're bad, they're not something that's going to look and smell alright then make you sick.
Because it is summer and hot outside, I would cook em up and feed em back to the hens. It is just my opinion, but not knowing how long they have been outside in the heat would make my decision for me. If it were cool outside then I would say 3 to 4 day old eggs are fine. But not during the summer heat.

Wish ya the best.

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