Are my girls ready for their coop?


7 Years
Apr 10, 2012
Pemberton Borough, NJ
They are all feathered out, except for their behinds, under their tail. Are they ready for outside, or do they need feathers here too? Here's a picture I took this morning of Belle. Her and her sisters will be 8 weeks this holiday weekend. See the cute fluff on her bottom? That's what I'm talking about.

She is looking really healthy! Good job raising her! They look like they should be ready for the coop, but make sure that predators CANNOT get in. This is even more important when they are little. However, it will be good for them to get used to living outside like the bigger chickens. So overall, yes they are ready for the great outdoors. The best of luck to you and your little chickens! :)
Why thank you! They have been spending time during the day out in their coop and very protected run, so they are familiar with it, even if they have not set foot in their coop yet! They just won't venture up the ramp!! I only have 5 and they are all the same age, so they won't be mixing with older chickens. So will the cute fluff on her butt eventually be feathers too?
She looks just like mine, they are just about the same age. Mine have been out in their "chicken ark" for a week now. I just turn a 100 watt bulb on at dusk so they will go up the ramp into the hen house portion. The weather in Seattle has been wet and breezy for a few days, so I figure I'll ween them off the light bulb when it has cleared up. I don't want them to get wet and then chilled. They can go back and forth into the hen house to get out of the weather whenever they want.
Thank you all for the good advise! Here's some pictures of her sisters (I don't know if they are really sisters!) who are all GLS's and I have two bantams too.

This is Ariel checking out the inside of the coop. I put her in there and she didn't know what to do!!

Here is Goldilocks, Belle and my bantam Snow White.

I'm glad my 3 GSL's are not all the same color. I would feel like a bad mom if I could not tell them apart!!

And here is Cinderella, my other bantam:

They look like they are loving the coop run. Nice green grass! Ours looks the same, but I know that won't last long once we put our girls out Ours are 4 weeks and I am really itching to get them outside.
They are going to love that mix of grass and clover that you have in your yard...very nice.
I put my girls straight from the brooder to their coop at ~ 8 weeks. I kept them in their coop with plenty of sunshine during the day (by lifting the side of our A-frame coop that I put chicken wire over), and a 15 watt bulb at night for a week so they could get used to their new home. Then, I let them out into their protected run. They had a hard time with their ramp at first, but they quickly got used to it. I never had to coax them back into their coop because they knew that their coop was home. From day one out in their run they went back into their coop at dusk. I have read, and heard, that this is the best way of doing it, and it really did help with the transition from brooder to coop.
My coop is way to small to keep them inside it for a week! They may start fighting! I'll just put them in every night until they "get it"! Here is a picture of the coop. And yes, we have LOTS of clover for them LOL I planted a grape vine on the other side of the fence for them to nibble on while "free ranging" in their fenced in area.


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