Are my Hens Cold or Sick?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by andythescot, Jan 2, 2015.

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    In my flock of 9 in Massachusetts winters I've never really experienced birds showing that they're cold, so to speak. I've been noticing lately though that they are shivering and huddling together in their outdoor run. The winter this year has been warm, normally we experience regular temps at like 20 degrees in January, but today for instance it was 37 degrees. So if my girls are 4-5 years old is this just them experiencing winter in their older and less productive age? Until now they've always disliked winter (they'd stay in the coop rather than walking on the snow), but I'm not sure if is this just them disliking winter more, or if this is exhibition of symptoms of some illness? And what should I do to warm them up a little?
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    Wind and wet environments should generally affect them worse than cold. Check carefully for other signs of illness. The best way to give them a hand in cold weather is to make sure that their coop has no drafts (but is well ventilated) and give them warm mash which is their normal food made up with hot water (it will cool sufficiently by the time you get it out to them).
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    Why are they not going into the there something unpleasant in there, like pests or lack of ventilation creating ammonia laden air??

    Look for any signs of illness, like runny eyes, swollen sinuses....spread their feathers down to the skins to look for parasites....check their poops for signs of digestive illness.

    When my birds appear that they might be suffering from the cold, I try to get them active by throwing out some scratch. If it's really nasty out, I don't let them out into the run that day.

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