Are My Pullets Ready for Layer Feed?

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  1. I know that layer feed can be dangerous for young birds and can cause kidney damage. My six pullets are 4 months old now. There are 2 rhode island reds, 1 barred rock, and 3 red stars. One of the red stars, Easter, is starting to get a big red comb and I know she will lay probably within the next two or three weeks if not before. The others are not far behind, though one rhode island and one red star still have pink combs. Are they old enough to start giving them layer feed? I am currently feeding them finisher mixed with a bit of poultry conditioner feed and a bit of scatch. I have 5 grown laying hens in with them, and they could really benefit from some layer feed to help them out. Also, is layer feed bad for roosters?

    This is Easter, my red star, demonstrating a large comb. Her comb is actually the same red color as her waddles, this picture just does not show it. She was worried I was going to spray her for mites again [​IMG] hence the wild eyes.
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    I started mine on layer feed at 16 wks(4 mo) old and theyve done fine. With the breeds you have you will probably see a few eggs SOON...
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    Quote:x2 [​IMG]
  4. Ok, thanks for your replies! I will start today!

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    I agree. At 16 weeks you should be good to start on the layer feed, and if you aren't doing it already some free choice oyster shell. Here's hoping you see some eggs soon!
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    I started feeding mine layer at 2 months and they turned out great.

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