Are my three Blue Orpingtons pullets or cockerels?


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Jan 23, 2013
I have three Blue Orphingtons. The big one is 12 1/2 weeks old and the other two are 11 weeks old. I have never had chickens this young and I would like to know if they are pullets.

I'm leaning toward all roosters, also.

They all have a good deal of red in the comb and wattles. Not maybe as much as say a hatchery Rock or Red at this age, but Orpingtons as a rule are slower to mature, and these look like nicer quality birds, increasing the likelihood they'll be slower yet to mature. The first bird has as upright, gawky look to him and darker shading of the blue on his wings. The younger birds also have thicker legs, and some shading of the blue color.

Orpingtons can be frustrating, as the males can take a long time to make themselves known.
I was told they were pullets when I got them. I really hope they aren't roosters. It is very hard to tell.
i am leaning toward cockerels as well because it looks like they all are starting to get saddle feathers
Now I am starting to worry! I really didn't want roosters.

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