Are pecans good for chickens?


10 Years
Aug 25, 2009
Ok, yes, we are all crazy here. My girls like to get up early, let out the chickens, we stay out a bit and watch our broody moms take a break (so they can get back in their broody nests). What we do during the wait is crack up pecans and toss them to the flock. We figured that is awesome protein for the broody moms, but all the others join as well. Our hens have the run of our in town half-acre. So, the girls sit around on the rock patio cracking pecans and tossing them. I read that pecan shells are good mulch for the soil...but is this OK for the hens? They still eat their Layena and get table scraps. Actually, they may eat better than us....
Yup, just bake 350*F for 1 hr, then drizzle with honey.

Imp- Oops different thread. Yes Pecans are OK for chickens.
Every year when the pecans drop I sit outside and crack them for the chickens. I have a hard time getting up to leave after I finally convince them that I'm done cracking for the day.
As this is related to the similar question, I wondered if walnuts(English or Black) were ok for chickens. We have black walnut trees all over the property.
If you can get a black walnut open, the chickens can have em. We have two black walnut trees, hate em! Hard on the mower blades too.
Wow! I feel almost normal now....THANK YOU for the feedback. I think nuts are super foods, but wondered if they are just as OK for the feathered members of family.

Happy Friday everyone!
When hubby mows the lawn I have to stay inside when he goes near the walnut trees or there could be some serious damage.
All the nuts go to waste so I thought it would be great to feed them to the ladies this year instead.

Are there any nuts that are toxic to birds? Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs that much I do know.

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