Are potatoes chicken friendly?

Lori J

5 Years
Jun 18, 2017
Are potatoes chicken friendly? I have fenced off raised beds in my small backyard to keep my four chickens out. But I had the idea that I might try putting potatoes in the ground in the spring. I would put up a little fence but it isn’t as tall as the raised bed Fences. I was just worried that my chickens would get in there and eat the potato leaves and it might make them sick? Potatoes are a nightshade plant, like tomatoes! Most likely they would just go in there and scratch around and maybe make a mess, but Has anyone had potatoes and free range hens? (I realize that sounds like a meal LOL)
I've found they don't bother the plants much unless they have the red bugs, or they will taste the flowers when in bloom, (breaking the plants of course) Growing up with a big garden and a lot of chickens, the garden was fenced of to prevent damage, the potato patch was open, they never bothered them. I have potato towers that the chickens never bother.
So, I always boil my potato scraps and they eat it well and fine. However, the plant is a nightshade and is known to be toxic. I don't recommend letting them eat raw potatoes either. as long as they arent eating the leaves, id say youre fine.
are toxic as well as green tomatoes.
My yard birds get into my tomato garden every single season. They pick deep holes in the lower hanging toms, red & green. Never ever had a chicken sick or die from them.
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