Are some Hens better layers


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
My hen hasn't laid an egg for 7 days now! Her behavior has not changed, she is eating, and I examed her and she feels normal. She goes through the motions of laying, but doesn't lay! Don't know what to do? My other hen lays everyday like clock work. Are some hens better layers than others? Can anyone help!
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What worries me a little bit is you say the hen is "going through the motions" of laying, without producing an egg. Did you check to see if she's egg bound? There is a list of symptoms here:

Other reasons for non-laying can be molting, broodiness, incorrect feeding, stress, parasites, weather extremes... Some of those will most likely affect the whole flock, or at least more than one hen. Since it's only the one hen she may be broody, or starting a molt. How old is she anyway?

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