Are the eggs dead?


10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
I have two eggs in the incubator and they look like they have blood rings on them but doesn't stink at all and one looks like it was growing veins (and when I candled it looks like its dark inside of it) and they are on their 17th day. I would take pictures but it won't show up properly on the camera.
By day 17 they would be pretty dark except the large air cell. Can you see through them when you candle? If so they are probably not going to hatch but you might as well wait another couple of days.
theres is one with a good air cell but is clear and has a blood ring and there is another one that has an air cell and is dark but I'm not sure if there is a blood ring or something else I really hope its not a blood ring because one of them I could tell its a blood ring
my friends have a rooster and hen so I assumed the eggs were fertile and put them in the incubator I was only given 3 eggs though and one looks like it was extremely porous (is that how to say it?) so I threw it out and it looked like it wasnt going to hatch

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