Are the last 2 stuck?


Apr 20, 2020
16 ducklings have hatched without problem except 1 that was stuck in small egg and pipped wrong side. 2 have only done initial pip and wondering if they are shrunk wrapped. They were eggs on the sides of incubator so possibly had more of a draft as I pulled others out. But humidity has been very high and I place a towel overtop as I pull out others. I have opened incubator more this time as I had to help the 1, check on and pull one out that never external pip and died and pull 4 Keets out early during the duckling hatch. Picture of the eggs. I knocked a little off the shells this morning and made hole in the membrane to help but nothing has changed 😕


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I would brake around the shell and get the duckling's heads out and let them do the rest themselves, I have saved 2 ducklings and 1 chick by doing this.
I started to on one but there was blood so I put him back. Idk how long I should wait till trying again.

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