Are there other "bantam" turkey varieties?


8 Years
Oct 30, 2011
I currently have Midget Whites. I'm hoping to get some Beltsville eggs in the spring. Are there other small varieties? I read somewhere that a gentleman in Texas had downsized a bronze variety. I'm new to turkeys and I think I like the smaller varieties, but, it would be nice to have some color.
OK, here's another question then. Has anyone used a Midget White tom to a Bourbon Red hen for example? I assume that would be better than the reverse. What color poults would result? What are the color genetics for turkeys when a white tom is used? I'm new to this and trying to learn. Thanks in advance for help.
I don't know of any banny turkeys (other than the ones you listed), but the color genetics are:
- B gene (bronze) {b+ - b^l - B} There are three; Bronze, Black-winged Bronze, and Black (Midgets carry black, bourbons carry bronze)
- The R gene (red) {R) Bourbons cary this, too
- The C gene (white) (c) Midgets carry this

Midget (B/B; c/c) + Bourbon Red (b+/b+; R/R) =
Black-Red (harvest Gold) (B/b+; R/r+; C+/c)
The only other small one I know of is the Royal Palm. I have not raised them, but they are not supposed to have quite the breast of the Midget or Beltsville.

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