Are these a off bread of Mallards???

It seems like the ones with the dark heads seem to resemble drake mallards with the same markings on the wings and the same design on head. The females have the same markings on the wings but the feathers are a little bit of a grey tint rather than brown?
I agree with what others say. They look like khakis, mostly, but could be mixed breed. I think I also see a blue Swedish in the last photo.
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Size plays a large part. Plus Rouens have been bred for their meat abilities while KC have been bred for their laying abilities.
also when you blow up the picture the bills have yellow in them where the pictures you guys downloaded are all black? I wounder if there is cross breading with wild duck???
no some khakis have yellow toned bills which are a cull and not to the written standard. Your neighbor has domestic ducks of various breeds it appears from the pictures to be Khaki campbell, Buff Orpington, bibbed (possible pet quality blue swedish) and most likely Rouen.

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