Are these chicks a good match


9 Years
Feb 27, 2010
Upstate of South Carolina
I'm getting 6 chicks
........I was wondering if 2 delaware hens, 1 white sultan hen, 2 easter egger hens, and 1 red star rooster are they okay to be together.
Since you plan to let them free range, I would not get a crested bird like the Sultan. That crest can make it a little hard for them to see predators. The others would go great together. The Sultan, while smaller than the others, would also mix with them well but the predator thing would bother me.
Thank you soo much.......I still plan to get him but he would be with me most of the time......He might be my show bird for the county fair!
How do you like your Delaware chicken? you have a rooster?
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My Delaware are fine. They are the ones that have the most curiosity and are the ones that try to peck the paint spots off my work shoes. They are more attractive than I thought they would be and lay some nice brown eggs. My only rooster is a Speckled Sussex. My two Delaware are both pullets.

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