Are these eggs from 2 different pullets?

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  1. I have 6 girls that are about 7 months old. 3 have been laying for about a month, but 3 are taking their sweet time. I have a golden cuckoos marans that has been laying some beautiful dark eggs. My blue americauna and salmon favorelle are also laying. I am still waiting on my Easter Egger, BLRW and a barnevelder.

    I noticed a few days ago an egg that sort of resembled the marans egg, but it was lighter and there were more spots on it. I figured it was just a weird egg from her and didn't think much about it.

    Found another one tonight and now I do believe it may be a different layer? Or can a pullet's new eggs range this much in appearance? The reason I am wondering, is that I have never collected 4 eggs at once. So either they are swapping days and when one lays an egg, the other takes the day off. Or its just the same marans chicken's eggs getting lighter?

    I can't wait until they are all laying. And my three lazy young ducks as well!

    The Marans eggs are the three on the right, and I believe the 2 spotted ones are the barnevelders?? Or just the marans laying lighter eggs??

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    Oct 10, 2013
    they look like barnevelder eggs

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