Are these really Black Copper Marans?


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I got these gorgeous birds as 1-day-old chicks from a local store. They're supposed be be Black Copper Marans, but the hen doesn't have any copper at all and the roo just started developing light brown in the feathering around his neck. Still not sure what we'll do about him but I'm wondering what breed you guys think these are. They have stunning iridescent blue and green feathers that shimmer in the sun. They're absolutely stunning but they sure don't look like any other BCMs I've seen online.


The rooster:

And the hen:
They aren't Black Copper Marans. I think that they are either black Easter Eggers, or Black Ameraucanas (they have the right leg color to be purebred Ameraucanas).
Ugh, really? These chicks were $15, which I was only willing to pay because I really wanted those dark brown eggs. I'm so annoyed. I guess we'll know for certain in another month or so when they start laying, huh? What would you guys do?
Black Ameraucanas or Black Easter Eggers. Instead of dark brown eggs, you will be getting blue and green eggs from these birds.
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