Are these really faverolle pullets?


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Aug 7, 2019
My daughter bought two "salmon faverolle" pullets last night... I'm just getting a good look at them now, and I am having a hard time believing it. We're not allowed to keep roosters in our town so I'm wondering if anyone can help identify these birds? Could they really both be pullets? Do they even look like salmon faverolles? They are 5 weeks old (according to the seller).


Now that I've uploaded them, these don't seem like great pictures, so let me know if I need to get better ones. If the dark one is a cockerel, is it cruel to separate him from the pullet? Is it better to do it now or after integration? We are building up our first flock and were planning to introduce these to two hens we already have. I'm unsure if it's okay to have just the pullet alone while the other chickens are getting used to her.

Thank you for any advice.

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