are these RIR's Roosters or Hens?


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Apr 11, 2014
These two were born Feb 1 2014. Any ideas? The one with black on the tail feathers is calm, nice, sweet and does not make any noises when touched or handled. The one with fuzz and hardly no tail feathers squawks when touched or handled and wild like an adolescent teen. Can anyone give me any ideas on these birds?
Thank you Veer. Here are the Pics of the two RIR I acquired from someone off of CL. They are 10 weeks old born Feb. 1st and the one with the no tail but has fuzz is wild like a young adolescent and squawks to the touch or when handled. The other with tail feathers that are starting to turn black is calm, sweet and very quiet. Please anyone let me know something since these two are my first chickens.

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Hi...I'm new to chickens, too, but I have been told that if the feathers in the saddle area are pointed, it's a male and if the feathers are rounded, it's a female. From what I can tell from your pix, they both look like cockerels.
Ok well I know the bigger one is a cockerel for sure. He squawks like he is getting ready to crow. But as for the other one, he/she is really sweet and is smaller. I have one older hen I just got a few days ago and I have been letting them stay together outside during the day, as soon as I put he/she on there she decided she was going to try to take on the older hen but was quickly shot down. He/she has never tried again but as for he, he has never messed with the older hen since they have been together. I am sure hoping the smaller one is a hen but I am still open to your input (everyone).
Comb size and redness is a good sign but wattle development is good to look for too. The bigger one has wattles showing but the smaller one doesn't as much. Maybe its a pullet. The first picture definately a roo.

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