Are these roosters? If yes, anyone want them?


14 Years
Jun 14, 2009
Are these roosters? They are seven weeks old.

I forgot to mention that if possible, I'd like to give them to someone who wants to keep them in their flock. My hippie housemates would be sad if someone ate them.
Excuse me, how can you tell if these are roosters? My New Hampshires are about 14 weeks old, they look just like these and I've been assured they are girls --- no crowing or any other rooster behavior. Pictures at www.
I would like to know too. How do you tell if you have a roo??? I am raising chicks for the first time and some of mine are about 7 weeks now. If I were to guess based on chicken attitude, I would guess I have 3 roos and 23 pullets, but really I have no idea.

Not only that, one that I suspect is a roo is only about 3 weeks old. Is that too young for them to develop an attitude? He is one of my younger and smaller chicks, but he acts like he is king of the coop.
Easiest way to tell, especially if you have a bunch of chickens, The Roos will grow big red combs waaaay before the girls.

Obviously this doesnt cover every breed, but it works as a rough guesstimate.

Dimby - Combs that big at 7 weeks are likely roos. If it takes them 14weeks to grow a similar comb, then they're more likely hens.

and if your not sure, thats why we have the internet.. Pics of people chicks are always welcome

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