Are these tough old birds?

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    I really think that if you want fried chicken, raising broilers is simply the way to go. I hope to do a few next year if I have room. Do some early for fryers and then save a few back and baby them along for really big breasts.
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    you're welcome! once you get the hang of it you can vary the ingrediants as long as you stick to the correct amount of salt and sugar and stay mostly within spec with the water. I brine up to two CX birds at a time with this recipe and either way I will top up the water to make sure all parts of the bird are covered. you can use a plate and/or something heavy to keep the birds below the water level. always keep the birds close to but not below freezing... the resting and brining must be done at cold temps or you risk food born illness. you can strain out the veggies/herbs and use them for baking to impart aroma and flavor but they are spent at that point and won't be good for eating.
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    Oh my, just the information I was wanting (all of it), completely spelled out. Thank you, thank you. I definitely will try your method and let you know! Thanks again.
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