Are they roosters

gaited horse

Merry Christmas!
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Aug 14, 2008
Fernley, NV

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you posted the same photo twice--can you get a full body shot including the tail end? huh thats weird now a new picture popped up? anyhoo the second photo is a rooooooooo bigtime look at those long tail feathers:-( The one behind him is a hen:)
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ok wait a minute-under closer inspection I thought the tail was behind the white bird behind him making the tail appear much larger--Sorry home with a bad head cold and this is affecting my vision and thoughts processes. I see it clearer--how old are these guys?
At 25 weeks I would say pullet too-Im bad at birds I dont typically have but I do have birds that look like that RIR?? and I am a good sexer-at those-sorry for the confusion-it looked like an optical ellusion at first!

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