Are too much insects and nutritious insects in the coop a problem

Bryce Thomas

Mar 21, 2021
Gilbert, AZ
I have this box that crickets love and I have pieces of cardboard in it as well and yesterday when I picked it up about 700 crickets started running everywhere and the chickens dined like kings then I take the cardboard box and throw it around and when a piece of it cleaved in two about 1000 crickets started going everywhere and all the chickens had a blast doing it. Im not afraid and grossed out of crickets and the reason I have a cardboard box is so if a chicken wants some they can go in and peck around to have some and the crickets breed like wildfire but is that much a problem? When a part of the box broke off there were so many that you could not see brown you could only see crickets skittering everywhere


5 Years
Feb 26, 2018
The North-Eastern Corner of Maryland
Chickens are omniverous, and bugs are the best "meat treats" they know. On their own, they'll forage for bugs all day long. As long as they're getting a balanced diet, an occasional cricket binge shouldnt hurt them. You, on the other hand, may not want that many of them close to your home. Crickets can be very destructive ... not to mention being LOUD when you want to sleep!

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