Are we allowed to give e-bay reviews?

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  1. I don't know if giving e-bay names is against the rules or not, but I had an extremely POSITIVE experience with an e-bay hatching egg seller. Every single one of them is still developing and doing well, and due to hatch soon (within the next 9 days). They are frizzle project eggs. In the beginning days (day 5) of candling it looked like only a few of them made it, but on day 10 they're all okay (my silkies did dreadfully). I'd hate to think that anyone who wants some really nice lavender, white and peach colored frizzles (or at least a 50% chance of getting a frizzle) are missing out because they don't know the seller. =/ It's funny because the eggs I got from a real hatchery ... 98% of them of them were duds or deads. I buy from an individual and they are all developing very nicely. Go figure. [​IMG]

    Anyway...does anyone know the rules on saying e-bay seller names in the forums?

  2. hmm...I guess nobody knows? Ah well.
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    I would not see anything harmful if you have POSITIVE feedback for the Ebay seller.

    If you are uncertain, ASK the moderators first before posting. I would post an Ebay seller's name if I had a very positive feedback on the product. It just promotes more business!
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    Perhaps you should wait until after they hatch, and maybe even grow a little bit. Growing in the incubator is just half of the equation.

    It would be a shame to urge others to buy and then find out you have an incubator full of commercial White Leghorns and not frizzles. Not saying that is what is happening, but, still, you don't know yet what you were sent.

    I'm sure that everybody would love to see photos when they hatch.

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    Also, there is a place on ebay for you to leave a nice comment about your purchase. That's helps others who are trying to decide whether to buy or not.
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    We'd love to see your newly hatched babies with a "Look what I hatched from so and so"etc. I think that would be fine!
  7. All good points. :) I'll wait.

    Thank you for the replies, everyone.

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