Are we girls?

Matanah Meadows

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7 Years
Oct 11, 2012
I'm pretty sure these are two little pullets. One is a splash Copper Maran (I assume since it obviously didn't hatch a "blue" - the egg type I was sold) and the other is a Blue Copper Maran. What do you think? I have a brother to these who obviously has a swelling red comb, so by contrast I assume these are girls.


They are 4.5 weeks old. I don't really know anything about splash marans, but hens wouldn't have the reddish color?
Your first is a blue copper roo.

The second is a blue splash. She's not showing any signs of roo yet, but watch her.
Here are pictures of the other 2 from the same breeder, breed and hatch date. I think the one with the red comb must be a boy. Why would it not have a single comb like the others?

Thanks. I was noticing online that it seems only roos have the copper coloring in a splash. What do you think about the second pair of chicks?

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