Are You A Melter Or A Burner?


13 Years
Mar 28, 2008
St. Paris ohio
Just wondering
Are you a candle burner or a tart melter
What are your favorite scents and brands?

I love vanilla hazelnut scents
Don't really have a specific brand

Oh yeah I'm a melter lol
Right now I am in a Melting phase...
I LOVE anything food scented, especially baked goods.
I have Warm Apple Pie tart melting in my bedroom right now, and Oatmeal Cookie going in my kitchen.
I also have a Pumpkin Pie candle going in my dining room....

I love the ones from AC Moore. For their price, you cannot beat their scent intensity and how well they distribute through the house.
They are having a 2 for $6 on jar candles right now
I bought the Pumpkin Pie and Falling Leaves.
With the amount of candles and tarts I go through there is no way I could afford Yankee Candle.... I went through two tarts alone yesterday and I'm already halfway through both of my candles. I burn or melt constantly...

I was making my own for sale a while back but got out of it. I still have all the stuff though... Sometimes I make them just for me.
I'd love to make my own!
I get my tarts at the Yankee Candle discount shop...much cheaper!...
Burner... Yankee Candle lover my favorite was maple brown sugar they discontinued it.
So I am burning cinnomon stick then carrot cake..Can't find that 1 I love...
My fav. Yankee was Midsummer Night, and I too believe it has been discontinued
It used to remind me of the way my Daddies cologne smelled.

Thas MY fav tooooo!
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