Are you kidding me?!?!


11 Years
Feb 13, 2008
My little Serama pullet decided to lay her first egg about 3 days after Christmas. I was SO was like Christmas for a chicken-o-holic. Well I have gotten about 12 eggs from her. All good right? NO! Yesterday, I notice she is in the nestbox all day. All night. This morning. I shooed her from the nest this morning and she is in full clucky, fluffed up, mad, sitting hen mode. Oh, come on! I thought my silkies were broody. But jeez.
Anyone else have a pullet/hen go this broody, this quickly?
Collecting them. ANd yep, they ARE fertilized. She is in with another pullet (not laying yet) and and the tiniest silkied cockerel. Oh my Lord are they cute. Every one of the eggs I checked, had a little bullseye. I guess I should have put them in the bator. I didnt, as I dont want housechickens for the rest of the winter.

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