aren't they smart enough to get out of the rain!?!


9 Years
Oct 5, 2010
The weather in NY is getting rainy & chilly(low 50's)...and i'm conflicted whether or not to let my ladies out in the run. If it's raining, they don't seem to notice and just keep on pecking. Am I worring too much that they aren't smart enough to get out of the rain?
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Earthworms often come out of the ground when it rains. Yours may be smart enough to go out into the rain.
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I went out just before it got dark and opened up the shed.The 3 big girls went out into the rain,and my teens stayed in the shed while I loaded up the food for them.The hens would go in the shed when it got dark hence my letting them out in the rain just before the sun went down.
If the rain bothers them, they will get away from it. Just because we don't like to be in the rain doesn't mean they don't like to be in the rain. Chickens are fortunate to have feathers and fluffy down to keep them warm and dry, they handle cold exceedingly well.
Mine go out and peck in the rain and go under the coop to get out of the rain--whatever floats their boat.
I really appreciate the responses...I know i can worry too much!!! It's nice to bounce ideas off other people rather than sit and worry!!
Thanks again!!
Keep in mind that they have oil that they preen their feathers with. Not to be confused with duck feathers but I have a bunch of birds that love to stand in puddles, gather worms and most go under cover, or they swap areas as they have options, but pouring rain, they are inside! I "tuck" them in earlier on rainy days so they can preen and dry out before roost time with extra corn for warmth.
It's raining steadily here now and all the girls are out roaming. They did follow me into the coop when I went out to change their water but they followed me right back out again when I left...
My chickens dont always do in then it rains, but they take cover under a tree or something. They are smarter then you think, just because they look cold doesnt mean they ARE cold

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