ARGHHH Near chicken disaster.

Ma Noob

9 Years
Sep 3, 2010
South Australia
Have been slowly introducing my new silkie chicks to the rest of my flock. Just was holding the biggest Roger (hopefully regina) near the bigger ones. As i was walking with him in my hand back to the "nursery" the little sod decided to jump out my hand. And of course the dog jumped and pounced and Roger copped a wack and possibly a paw. And of course both the kids were there.

He flapped on his side with his head on the ground, thought he may have broken his neck or something! Then as i scooped him up he shut his eyes and put his head down. Bugger it i thought, Gave him a poke and he opened his eyes and stood up a little.

I think he might have just knocked him out a bit. Chicken Concussion im thinking. I held him a minute for him to get it together again. put him on the ground and he was standing. flapped to get balance on my finger and walked ok when i poked him. Cant feel anything broken, wings look like they are working.

Ive put him back with the others tried to get him to drink and sprinkled some crumbles. He was walking around looking at it but hasnt pecked yet.

Is there anything i shoudl be doing? shoudl i bring him inside? and settle him back in the box for the night?

Bloody furry and feathery kids are stressful! Cola does love his chickens, he loves to play with them, but i think he forgets how big he is and the bigger ones are a little quicker than the small ones. No more outdoor adventures with the dog until they are much much bigger and quicker
Well he is back to his usual self again, and back outside in the birdcage. Must admit he isnt as flighty when i pick him up, think he may have learnt his lesson a bit. He must have just been stunned. But he is a lucky chicken!

The dog on the other hand, must have realised he had hurt him. He doesnt ever attack the chooks but he does like to stir them up and make them flap. That night after i brought them in, he was back and forth to the box all night checking on the little ones. Was quite funny to see. He is such the mother hen!
Sounds like he got his bell rung pretty good! Glad he (she) is okay now

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