Arizona - Poultry/egg swap JUNE 28TH


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here is the link

heres what i copyed from it.


I am having a chicken and egg swap. Basically you will be trading your chickens, chicks, ducks, turkeys or whatever you wish for someone elses poultry. I am still coming up with the actual details. It will be in Marana at my house (Avra Valley area) unless I can find another location in the mean time. No fee to attend. Every thing must be heathly, chicks must be at least a week old. Please be honest about your chickens, etc. Eggs must be wrapped to prevent breakage. You can swap as many eggs as you wish. If you know your eggs are not fertile please do not bring them! As we all know some eggs will not be fertile, eggs must be no older than 3 days old and stored properly, so everyone can go home and put the eggs in their incubators, but just be honest. I know it will be a blast!! Please be honest, I know you wouldn't want to get something that was unhealthy. Can't wait to hear from you. You can also bring some to sell. Must have your own cages, boxes,etc. Please email me with your name and number and I will call you to get all the details of the chickens, chicks, ducks, turkey's or whatever poultry you will be swapping. You may also want to bring some egg cartons just in case there is some eggs that you don't want to pass up. June 28th @ 9:00 - 11:00 am. Thank you... Peak Poultry formely Arizona Silkies.. I plan on doing this every month from hear on out. I hope it turns out good.. Please R.S.V.P by June 14th. "

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