Arkansas folks speak up.........



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Feb 17, 2008
I looked in most all the lists here an seen only a few folks from AR I know there must be more around .....I am in west central not to far from a place called Mena ........anyone else around???just so y'all will be able to put a face to the person
My son and daughter in law went to Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.
They loved it. We really enjoyed coming up for visits and for football games.
Jake would go to a friends cabin on the White river and fish. Those were some good times for him. We love Arkanas.
I know just where that is I used to live in that area in fact in several places in that area hahahaha.........lived in Hasty, up above Jasper @ mount sherman, also over in Ponca, an for awhile I worked at Quality Feeds in Harrison.................we might of even seen each other before hahahahaha I really miss that place up there wonderful area.........
One of my son's football coaches would tell the team during practice......"It's snowing in Beebe."
Of course this was in August and well, you know what it's like there in August......
We live in Polk county. Do our shopping and such in Mena. Been meaning to check out Mena's farmer's market, maybe this Saturday we'll get the chance. Also, gotta find some place called Greenwood. Gonna mapquest it later. There's an auction there this Thursday and one of my SO's goals for his vacation is for me to introduce him to auctions.
P.S. It's only me that's into the chickens. After growing up on a chicken farm, my SO is only going along with backyard chickens to make me happy (although I think that will change once I actually have my brahma babies).

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