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    Venturing over for water

    My 2 yr old granddaughter being ever so gentle



    Finally, my chicks are home. Six beautiful, different Easter Egger chicks.
    They are all doing fine - did have a little scare early this morning (6:45am NC time). They were cheeping loudly so, even though I don't work today, I got up to check. One was missing. Kept rubbing my sleepy eyes but couldn't figure out how/where the little one had gone to. Kept listening for "help" cheeps and sure enough, this little excapee was outside the pen in the back by the wall. I have cardboard around the dog pen except for the front. Didn't think about blocking that off cause they were staying huddled in the opposite corner. Got her back in and found something to block off the front - later I saw them all up by the front of the cage. Disaster overted:)

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    I did the same thing when I first got chicks! Had them in the spare bedroom in a dog crate on the bed. Closed the door, went to the kitchen, came back to check on them and they were all happily perched outside of the kennel on the edge of the bed! I felt so foolish and laughed myself silly.
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    [​IMG] Congrats on your new chicks. Yep, they can be escape artists!
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    Yay! Congratulations

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