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  1. Sequin

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    May 20, 2008
    I would Love to make artichokes for the family, but don't really know how or what to do with them. Any suggestions or ideas??
  2. grace6691

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    Jun 20, 2008
    We boil or steam ours whole for 30 or 40 minutes and then melt butter in a bowl and salt it and dip the leaves into the butter I love it!
  3. chicknduck

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    May 21, 2010
    I would like to know too.
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  4. Amethyste

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    I steam mine...about 35-40 mins on average. Scrape the meat off the leaves with my teeth <YUM!!> dip in butter and go to town. When you get to the fuzzy choke, I cut that off and savor that yummy yummy heart. My mom and I would get them on sale and have a choke party [​IMG] I still love the fresh artichoke hearts...marinated not much at all, and frozen ick. But fresh? Out of my way I'm coming thru!

    I also have experimented with pressure cooking them... its not bad doing it that way! I need to practice tho. It's not as good to me as steaming lol But then again its a new electric pressure cooker, so it will take some practice in learning how to use it correctly.

    I have the next few days off...I might just get some chokes [​IMG] Hubby can't stand yay more for me !
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  5. LarryPQ

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    Jul 17, 2009
    For proper enjoyment of an artichoke, you must eat them while in a pool. Very important.
  6. Sequin

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    May 20, 2008
    Quote:Ooooohhhhh - I see. I'll make a note of that.**scribbles down on 'Note To Self' pad** Would you like to embellish about this very important point? Sounds like there is a story there, Hmmm???
  7. LarryPQ

    LarryPQ Easter Hatch!!

    Jul 17, 2009
    Boil/steam the artichokes,
    Melt your dipping butter,
    Arrange your other dipping sauces on a tray (mayo, mustard, vinagerrettes, etc),
    Put on your swimsuit,
    Use ample sunblock,
    Toss ANOTHER batch of chokes in the pot,
    Take the food out to the cool deck,
    Then hop into the pool for comfortable consumptionand easy clean up.

    Only way to go.
  8. I get GIANT fresh from the field artichokes from a guy that stops by my work every once in a blue moon. When this happens I can't wait to go home and make up some yummy snacks! I will boil them until the big leaves pluck off easily or almost easily then if we have guest's I'll cut them into halves (a really sharp knife is very important) scoop out the feathery small leaves in the middle, leaving the heart in tact and fill the center with whatever I chose as a dip then either cut them into quarters or serve on a plate (with a bowl for every one's leaves after the meat has been scraped off) ideas for dip's :

    Plain mayo... my personal fav

    Some nacho cheese dip

    onion dip


    melted butter

    sour cream

    really you can get rather creative with the dip. I have long since dreamed of growing my own but the bush is SO big and takes forever to produce.... so I stick to waiting for my guy to show up with his yummy GIANT chokes!!!!
  9. Ohhhh a nice hummus would be really yummy too
  10. LarryPQ

    LarryPQ Easter Hatch!!

    Jul 17, 2009
    Good call on the hummus.

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